The Tulip Waltz and The Rhubarb House

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Houseleek Heaven InConnection Sculpture Exhibition Ivy Forever Leaf Cloud Leaf Arbour Leaf House  
Milne Leaf Sculpture Sub Species Cellulare Speculation on a Pylon Ecosystem The Impermanence of Scattered Leaves Tumbling Vertical Biotopes  
Tumble Petalostia giganteae 'Limelight' London Tumble Pollinator Bibbulmun Float Sculpture Park Species  
Vitis Mound Catalpa Tree Sculpture Flower Meadow Tube, Crocosmia Photinia Tree Sculpture Lime Green Buxus Disc Rhubarb Houses and Perennials Evergreens and Perennials  
Mellerstain Buxus Ring Armours Meadow Armours Meadow The Pilrig Group Flower Meadow Pipe Sculptures Cypress Glow Ring  
Phytogeographische Untersuchung The Leith Regatta Portrait in May Home Grown Hoy Bunker No1 Hoy Bunker No2 Lime Green Bunker, Hoy  
The Long Walk to Sedum Happiness The Disc Pond The Buxus Ring Leaf Drawing No.2 The Dundas Puzzle  
Ruby Red Oxidized Oxidized Oxidized The Sedum Table 5 Leaf Panels  
4 Buxus Container Sedum Spots The Buxus Disc and The Wedge The Tulip Waltz The_Disc Portrait with Rhubarb The Rhubarb House  
The Spiral The Ivy Leaf Geranium and Philodendron Leaves Andreae Leaf Leaf Stake Curve Leaf Stake Curve Sweet pea Stakes  
The Lygon Drawing - Mild Steel - June 2005 The Leaf Puzzle - Mild Steel - Gardening Scotland June 2006 Frawns - July 2005 Allotment View - Summer 2005 Leaf Drawing1 - Mild Steel - April 2005 The Sedge Islands - Mild Steel and Grasses - Installation for 'Magazine' - Edinburgh Art Festival September 2005 Aerial Leafs - The Braids, Edinburgh - July 2005