The Tulip Waltz and The Rhubarb House

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The Leith Regatta

100 miniature sailboats, carrying a cargo of Scottish wildflowers seeds are launched into the Water of Leith at Bonnington Bridge. Named after ships that passed through Leith’s port, this Regatta is a public display of goodwill, involvement and charm, while commenting on biodiversity, changing economic landscapes, migration and distribution.
Each boat is sponsored by a ship-owner with the proceeds going to the Water of Leith Conservation Trust. Once the race is complete, all boats become the property of their sponsors. The race is followed by a picnic where the winner is presented with a trophy.
A collaboration with Emma Herman-Smith for Magazine07 at ESW as part of the Edinburgh Arts Festival. August 2007.

Photo by M.Wolchover

The Leith Regatta

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Phytogeographische Untersuchung The Leith Regatta Portrait in May Home Grown Hoy Bunker No1 Hoy Bunker No2 Lime Green Bunker, Hoy