The Tulip Waltz and The Rhubarb House

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Corten steel art sculpture / stahlskulptur, an environmental art work.
All leaves are hand cut in weatherproof steel depicting ivy, the everlasting and ever growing, a historical synonym for life and a recurring theme in my work. It is also called Lovestone for its habit of hugging stone. On the other hand it is perceived as a serious invasive species and also as a horticultural weed. A good example for life itself and its challenges. 130 cm high. 2012.

Photographed at Caol Ruadh Sculpture Park by Andrea Geile


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Houseleek Heaven InConnection Sculpture Exhibition Ivy Forever Leaf Cloud Leaf Arbour Leaf House  
Milne Leaf Sculpture Sub Species Cellulare Speculation on a Pylon Ecosystem The Impermanence of Scattered Leaves Tumbling Vertical Biotopes