The Tulip Waltz and The Rhubarb House

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Vertical Biotopes

Mixed media installation, pylon art, an environmental art work, steel sculpture / stahlskulptur.
The catalyst for this group of sculptures is the new Beauly to Denny power line. I began to wonder if there could be any benefit in leaving some of the old transmission towers in situ to be recycled into ecosystems, replacing lost forests and ever decreasing habitats - instead of being scrapped. Through colonising the structures with native plants I aim to create a positive approach to questions about the beauty, use and sustainability of man made structures in the landscape.
Supported by the VAS Award 2012. 4m x 3m.

Photographed at Caol Ruadh Sculpture Park by Andrea Geile


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Houseleek Heaven InConnection Sculpture Exhibition Ivy Forever Leaf Cloud Leaf Arbour Leaf House  
Milne Leaf Sculpture Sub Species Cellulare Speculation on a Pylon Ecosystem The Impermanence of Scattered Leaves Tumbling Vertical Biotopes