How to speak Bird

Hand-cut corten steel and casts, powder coated. 2022

Art installation in 201 Telephone Box Gallery, Strathkinnes. 6 March – 24 April


How can we communicate with nature using a village telephone box? If we could speak bird, what would they tell us about their life? Are they singing, chattering, debating or accusing?

The sculpture How to speak Bird attempts to amplify the need to listen and converse. Each cube tells of the landscape; a starry sky, pylons, windswept trees, ever growing ivy and birds. Together they form an environment. The colours are the hue of chlorophyll scanned from leaves. The dimension of the sculpture relates to the human body. It is figurative as well as an abstract representation.

The installation suggests the hope of springtime with its green green grass of new things to come.


Thank you to curator Lada Wilson.

The project was generously supported by St.Andrews Community Trust.

Photo: Andrea Geile